An exclusive standardized 100% THC Free formula developed specifically for the health and wellness needs of dogs and cats. Available in 250 mg, 500 mg, Cannabidiol concentrations.

The general rule of thumb for a starting dosage for dogs is 1mg of hemp oil per 10 pounds of animal weight, twice a day.

This is considered a medium dosage starting point. Below are the recommended drops needed for starting dosage based on Green Smile hemp oil bottles which come in 30ml bottles.

*You can increase your dog’s dosage up to 2-3 times the amount if you are not seeing any results*

Break down of dropper:

A full dropper is 1ml = 20 drops

.75ml = 15 drops

.50ml = 10 drops

.25ml = 5 drops

Drops per LBS:

Less than 9 LBS     1 drop

9-12 LBS                  2 drops

12-18 LBS                3 drops

18-24 LBS               4 drops

24-50 LBS               6 drops

50-75 LBS               8 drops

80-90 LBS              9 drops

90-100 LBS            10 drops

Hemp Seed Oil